A full Silicon Wig For Hair loss Sufferers

The Full Silicon Wig from Advanced Lace Wigs

The full silicon wig is a great option for sufferers of medical hairloss conditions such as alopecia totalias and alopecia universalis.

The base of the wig is made of a high quality, medical grade soft silicon, that when worn actually warms to your personal body temperature and creates a very secure fit that clings to the head of the wearer. The wearer is then free to go an about their daily routine without the worry of the silicon wig slipping or sliding out of place.

Whilst wearing the Silicon wig, the wearer is free to enjoy activities such as swimming, gym workouts and walks in the wind or rain whithout worry.

The silicon wig is suited to people with total scalp hair loss and needs no glue to attach to the wearers head.

The silicon wig is made with only the finest quality human indian or chinese remy hair that is injected into the silicon base giving the apperence of the hair actually growing out of the scalp. It may be easier to visualise this wig as almost a second skin unit, that can be parted anywhere and still have an extreamly natural look.

To ensure a perfect fit, the silicone wig is a strictly made to measure/order unit and takes around 30 – 40 days to produce.

Measurements   can be taken in 2 ways to ensure a good fit with the silicon wig

  1. Tape measure – 6 measurements will need to be taken at certain points of your head, you could do this yourself or ask someone to do this for you
  2. A plaster mould can be taken of the clients head, this ensures an extreamly accurate fit that is truely made to measure. A plaster mould would need to be preformed at a consultation with the silicon wig provider.

The average life span of the silicone wig, with daily wear and good care is approx 6 – 8 months.