Dry Skin Cream – What Are the Best Ingredients For Dry Skin?

Dry skin cream is abundantly displayed in all major stores but which is the best one to buy for your skin? To answer that question it is probably a good idea to look at the type of ingredients that are in the cream itself.

Skin dry

One of the products that used to help my skin, which was exceptionally dry, was hemp oil and so I would look for products that contained it. Another product that was effective and that I used to use as part of an aromatherapy blend was bensoin oil along with other oils. This oil is very viscous and makes a great massaging oil that really softens skin. Using essential oils in a fixed oil base is a great and safe product to use but many people don’t have lots of essential oils around and prefer to treat their condition with manufactured topical products.

This is where the difficulty comes in because nearly all the dry skin cream products that are on our store shelves contain ingredients that are bad for our dry skin. Yet they are advertised as being great for treating this condition. 

A simple test that you can do to see if a product will live up to its promise is to look on the list of ingredients and if it says contains glycerin (but doesn’t mention that it comes from a vegetable source) then you know that in the long run that it will dry out your skin.

Most of the glycerin that is used in skin care comes from petroleum. Petroleum products are occlusive, they provide a barrier for the skin to prevent moisture from evaporating but they also stop the pores from breathing. This then creates further problems such as a build up of bacteria, which means spots, acne and skin irritations.

Other contents you should stay away from is anything that contains parabens or perfume. Both of these ingredients are toxic and with frequent use will build up toxins in your body. Parabens have been known to be related to altering oestrogen levels in the body and even links with cancer.

Topical products to effectively treat skin dry

There are products, out there, that are completely safe to use and very effective but you will not find them in your local store, advertised on the TV or in glossy magazines. The reason you won’t find them in these places is because rather than spend a fortune advertising a product to convince you that it is good the advertising budget is put to better use in product development; to ensure that the product is the best.

Last year my friend introduced me to such a skincare range. They are absolutely wonderful. They don’t contain artificial chemical fillers or perfumes. They are made from all natural extracts and contain high percentages of bioactive ingredients, some as high as 50%. They also contain specialist plant extracts that are able to work with the cells in your body to hold on to water as well as destroy an enzyme that breaks down your skins structure.

I love using these products every day. Since I started using them I have noticed a huge difference in the state of my hand. They were often inflamed, dry and painful. The dry skin cream truly is an amazing product that is guaranteed to be safe enough to eat, and because all the ingredients are completely natural they also nourish the body at the same time.

If you would like to know more about treating skin dry or more information on this fantastic skin care range then visit my website www.clean-skin-site.com today.