Elastin Replacement: Stretching the Truth About Reversing Aging

Restoring elastin is the key to improving skin tone and erasing the fine lines and wrinkles which come with aging.   The problem comes with how to go about restoring your body’s level of elastin.  Skin care companies will have you believe that elastin and collagen can both be replenished through direct means – with creams, lotions or even in pill form – but that is all just wishful thinking.    

Like collagen, elastin is a basic protein essential to the health of your skin and like collagen, when you ask can elastin be absorbed into the skin the answer is no.   Though restoring depleted elastin is an important step in skin care, it is not something which can be accomplished directly. 

Biologically speaking, elastin is made up of a combination of amino acids including glycine, alanine and praline.   As such, it is impossible to render it into a form which can be absorbed into the skin with any effective result.  No matter how many ‘quick fixes’ might be out there promising to restore elastin levels, the only proven way of successfully restoring elastin is by encouraging the body to produce its own. 

Fortunately, this can be done fairly easily through the use of certain natural, plant based ingredients which work with the body’s own defenses to combat aging from the inside out.  One of the most exciting discoveries along this line is Cynergy TK.   An extract from the wool of New Zealand sheep, this unique ingredient stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin.  So can elastin be absorbed into the skin?  No, but with the use of ingredients like Cynergy TK it can be replenished naturally.

There is a line of skin care products now available which include not only Cynergy TK but other natural ingredients which help the body to combat aging with astonishing results.   Plant based oils such as macadamia and avocado, keratin, and natural antioxidants like vitamin E all work to balance moisture,  stimulate collagen production and rid the body of harmful toxins.   Beyond just restoring elastin, this helps the body to heal and skin tone to improve dramatically.

If you have ever asked can elastin be absorbed into the skin you should know that not only is it not possible, it should not even be tried.   The only way to truly replenish and rejuvenate age worn skin is to improve overall health with a proper diet, exercise, hydration and the use of safe, gentle, effective natural skin care products.

It’s not a quick fix, in fact it’s an overall lifestyle change, but it can lead to a healthier, more toned, younger looking you.   Restoring elastin is extremely important but it is not something which can be achieved overnight.   If you really want to look and feel younger and better, you need to make a real commitment to living right and treating your skin properly.  

We all want to look good, but looking good starts with feeling good and that means using only all-natural products which will give your body the healing boost that it needs.  Don’t be taken in by fancy advertising…do your homework and find the right solution for you.  Your body will thank you for it!