Hemp Hearts – 5 Healthy Benefits

Hemp hearts, also known as hemp seeds, are the nutritious insides of the food grade hemp plant. Hemp in this form is safe to consume, containing none of the mind-altering THC for which the more common (and popular) cannabis is known for. Eating these nutritious centers will not alter your mind. They may, however, provide you with favorable benefits to your body owing to their richness in the essential fatty acids our bodies require daily for optimal health, as well as much needed fiber.

Whether due to their balanced essential fatty acids or the amount of fiber they provide, 5 healthy benefits of eating hemp hearts are as follows:

1) Bowel regularity – daily consumption keeps bowels regular. Hemp hearts provide your body with much needed fiber. A good amount of fiber keeps us regular. The benefits of a healthy colon are best saved for another article. When starting out, sprinkle 1/2 tablespoon over yogourt and fruit in the morning. Too much at once may cause intestinal cramping as the body needs to get used to the high fiber content.

2) Helps maintain cognitive abilities in the elderly.

3) Studies have shown a diet rich in essential fatty acids helps defend the body from the effects of heart disease. I already know I need to stay alert to signs of heart disease, which runs in my family. Doing my part to consume a balanced amount of omega 3’s and 6’s – and the high fiber content – is like an insurance policy to me.

4) Adequate consumption of essential fatty acids have been known to protect mom from postpartum depression.

5) Essential fatty acids help develop a strong brain for baby in utero.

This is just five of the many health benefits of eating hemp hearts. Sprinkled on a bowl of yogurt in the morning, or thrown into an afternoon smoothie, it’s an easy way to boost your health.