Hemp Protein – Organic Muscle Building Food?

Hemp Protein Powder- Seems to be the buzz word for vegans in to the health and fitness arena. You can see why though, can’t you? It’s a vegetarian source, it can be organic, it has high amounts of “good” fats [EFA’s by means of omega 3] – in effect it is the ultimate super vegan food, right?

Well, yes and no; depending on which side of the fence you sit. Hemp Protein is ideal in many ways as it is packed full of nutritional goodness, doesn’t taste too bad, is easy to mix and is packed full of extremely good fats – fats that the body loves and that keeps us healthy.

However – there are two things of concern to people. Cost and it’s overall protein content. See, when you are paying upto £25 [$40] a kilo for Hemp Protein, you kind of what more than 50% protein. You see hemp protein per 100g only gives between 47 and 50% net protein. The rest of the powder is made up for fats, fibre and other lesser value nutrition.

So what do you do? Well if you are not a vegan – then look at whey proteins. But what if you ARE a vegan? Does it make sense to spend the money? Well – what price do you put on your health? You can obtain non-organic hemp protein also which doesn’t cost as much and DOES provide the same benefits.

Now let’s get to taste! Well it’s slightly nutty and does required a some what acquired palate to appreciate the goodness from it. Ok Ok, you can throw in a banana with some water and it turns into a Banana Hemp Smoothie – and that tastes lush might I add!

So next time you are about in your favourite nutritional store, or come across hemp protein online give it another go – you may just be surprised.