Holistic Skin Care – Fact Or Fiction?

As we get older the wisdom that comes with the years seems to give most of us (I say "most" because if we all had this wisdom then I would not have had to write this article, would I?) The knowledge to take , at the very least decent care of ourselves. By decent I mean; no smoking or excessive drinking, and some form of exercise. As we age time begins to drag our body down. We get wrinkles, arthritis, puffy eyes, and we have to pee a lot. There are literally thousands of products and cosmetic surgeries out there designed to keep you looking and feeling young, but how safe and reliable are these methods? As aa supporter of all things natural, I've found that the best things come from nature.

In recent years using all natural anything has become extremely popular, mainly because products meant for the body containing synthetic chemicals tend to react with the body in a negative way. Many skin care products contain ingredients which have been known to cause severe allergic reactions, redness, swelling, itchiness, and some have even been linked to causing cancer. Any skin care product containing any of the Parabens is an absolute no-no. These are highly toxic chemicals that are in many different skin care products, mainly because they are cheap to manufacture and give a long shelf life to the product. Nice, right? Consider the alternative, you can use an all natural product that is paraben free and will not cause any harmful and unwanted side effects. There are many different products that contain a plethora of all natural ingredients proven to make your skin looking young and clear.

Cosmetic surgeries are not much better. Clearly laser surgery is not natural, nor is combining some sort of synthesized plastic with your body. Unless you can afford it, (and even if you can) surgery is costly, time consuming, and quite discomforting. With side effects of cosmetic surgery ranging from swelling, tenderness, sores, and redness, and lasting anywhere from three days to two weeks, I'm not about to go under the knife anytime soon. Now I'm not saying that surgery is bad, I'm just saying that if it is not a life or death situation or some sort of horrible deformity, leave it alone, or try and work it out naturally.

Many skin care companies have jumped on going green, because customers appreciate not being poisoned over a period of time. Using key main ingredients like stem cells harvested from apple cores and Resveratrol a compound found in grapes, skin care companies are starting to pave a new road to taking the best care of your skin.

It seems that the safest way to go is the natural way despite big time company's best efforts to make their synthetic ingredients sound like the fountain of youth. Consumers are starting to know better, due to ingredient awareness and education. Before you put anything on your skin make sure you're not paying too high a price to look younger.