Home Skin Care Tips For Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are skin fissures that usually occur on the rims of our heels or somewhere near the toes. The most common causes of cracked heels are the need for calloused skin to expand due to pressure and possibly a deficiency in both Omega 3 fatty acids and zinc. Although this condition is not life threatening, it may be painful at some point and may also not look presentable, hence the needs for home skin care tips for cracked heels.

Home skin care tips for cracked heels recommend many remedies that one can commonly find in the home. These home skin care tips are actually very useful to know and may amaze you at how they are just common sense.

Application Of Moisturizers

The application of different kinds of moisturizers on the affected heel is possibly the gist of home skin care tips for cracked heels. It is the kinds of moisturizers to use and how they are applied that makes the difference. Petroleum jelly, shortening, glycerin mixed with rosewater and many other mixtures are among the numerous components commonly mentioned in home skin care tips for cracked heels. These moisturizers and solutions are usually applied on the heels directly. After the application, the individual is recommended to wear socks in order for the mixture to be absorbed directly without a lot of mess.

If the heel or feet fissures are not too severe, you can try to moisturize with ordinary body butter in order to heal cracked heels. Home skin care tips of applying body butter or moisturizing ointment can be effective if done several times a day.


Other home skin care tips regarding heel fissures include soaking the feet in warm water mixed with some ingredients. Soaking the entire feet in herbal skin care solutions can help ease and soothe dry cracked heels. Some essential oils can really help in soothing and moisturizing the heel fissures during soaking. Most recommended soaking mixtures are tea tree oil, rosewater and also pure lemon juice.

Proper Diet

Since the deficiency of some vitamins and minerals can also cause cracked heels and other feet fissures, one of the many home skin care tips for this is to eat properly and supplement with the lacking vitamins and minerals. Foods rich in vitamin E, calcium, iron, Omega 3 and zinc should be eaten regularly to balance out the daily allowance.  

These home skin care tips may or may not work for some individuals. If these do not work, a consultation with a qualified doctor may be needed.