How Black Skin Care Products Work

How black skin care products work should be no mystery.  African american or black skin is really no different than white, tan or any other tone.  When it comes right down to basic facts: skin is skin.  Only with few possibly ethnic differences, all skin tones have the same skin problems. Let’s look at the ingredients that work and the ones to avoid.

Three Skin Care Ingredients to AVOID

1. Any Paraben (esp. sodium methyl paraben)
2. Any Petroleum Based Product
3. Chemical Bleaching Compounds

1. Parabens are mainly used in skin care products as a preservative.  They are unnecessary and potentially harmful.  Parabens have been found in patients that have breast cancer.  Sodium methyl paraben can cause skin depigmenting. To be safe avoid all words ending in paraben.  Read the label.

2. Petrolatum (petroleum jelly) is not skin friendly as it is often promoted.  It clogs the pores of the skin. Also it can result in hyper pigmentation of skin. Other related ingredients to strictly avoid are propylene glycol, wood-based alcohols, mineral oil and any petroleum-based product.  There are other safe ingredients you can use.  Keep reading.

3. Chemical bleaching compounds are dangerous.  They are sold to lighten skin but can do great harm. There are effective, safe ingredients that will lighten skin.  I’m coming to that in a moment.

Safe Skin Care Ingredients for ALL Skin

*Extra Pone Nut Grass
*Vitamin E (Must be natural vitamin E)

Extra Pone Nut Grass is a very safe and effective ingredient for lightening skin tones.  The nice thing about this ingredient is that it takes just a small amount to work.  Much better and safer than some chemical bleach.

Vitamin E (Natural) is a good antioxidant that battles free radicals that cause skin cell damage.  Vitamin E works well with hyper pigmentation of the skin otherwise known as skin spots.

Sebum – The Natural Moisturizer

Sebum is our skin oil that also is our skin moisturizer.  However, some of us have either too dry skin or too oily or some range in between.  So skin problems can vary from one person to the next. But skin problems in general have nothing to do with black skin or any other tone.  Skin is skin.  What the problem usually is, is the product being used on the skin.  Especially if it is petroleum based.  Petrolatum feels good but it can do a lot of subtle harm.  If you use a good moisturizer, like the one I use, you will have 90% of your skin problems solved.

Sebum comes from the sebaceous glands.  All skin regardless of the tone have sebaceous glands.  Some just produce differently in some individuals.  Sebum is the natural moisturizer for our skin.  Using alcohol on the skin can cause it to produce too much, resulting in oily skin.  Jojoba and passion fruit extract are two ingredients you will want  to include in your skin care regimen if you have dry skin.

Anti-aging Skin Care Ingredients

There are many anti aging skin care products on the market today that make false promises.  Many are just out to make a quick buck caring little about what it does to your skin appearance.  Remember this fact,  For African American Skin you DON’T need special ingredients to fight aging skin.  Let me tell you what you should do and what you need to get.
Be glad that you read this far.  Those that didn’t won’t know what you’re about to find out.

In my vast searching for some skin care products that really work I found one that I am ecstatic about.  The reason is that it is safe and it works on all skin types and skin tones.  It is called “Functional Keratin”.  When mixed with Wakame Seaweed (Japanese) CoQ10 and Vitamin E it produces new skin cells and fibers.  This results in a younger looking skin because of the skin firmness that is taking place. See my website for more information on this truly amazing skin care ingredient.

Free radicals are the culprit behind most skin care damage.  Antioxidants like natural vitamin E will help fight off these free radical rebels.  In conclusion, please avoid all paraben ingredients, petroleum based ingredients and chemical bleaching methods. Use the ingredients I mentioned in this article and visit my website listed below for more details.  Thanks, Margaret Bell.