How To Colon Cleanse – Natural Colon Cleanse Instructions

Do you need to know how to colon cleanse? Only to have to either stop pre-maturely or simply not achieve the results you were looking for? Well thankfully today I am going to provide for you some colon cleanse help in the order of explaining the essential secret to getting the best results from a colon cleanse. As well what else should you also be cleansing when doing a colon cleanse to get the best results.

Natural Colon Cleanse Instructions

Increase your fiber intake! – This is such an important part of a colon cleanse yet this is where over 50% of people attempting a colon cleanse fail! Essentially you should be aiming for an intake of no less than 35-40 grams of fiber per day while performing a colon cleanse, for the greatest results you should be intaking 50+ grams per day. In fact the cultures on earth that eat close to 100 grams of fiber per day are also known to be some of the healthiest people on earth.

So go to town and pig out on all that roughage. As long as you consume fruits, vegetables, high fiber whole grains and seeds throughout the day you’re on your way. In addition to which though you should be aiming to drink a minimum of 2 fiber shakes per day, each containing at least 15 grams of fiber. This is a surefire way to guarantee that you achieve your daily requirement. Use ground flax, hemp, chia and psyllium. Use variety and try not to use too much of any single fiber source. Another key is mixing it up and using both insoluble and soluble fiber. Tons of psyllium is not the solution and can actually cause constipation if too much is consumed, so in favor of caution use more flax, hemp and ground chia.

Some more colon cleanse help I have for you is this. Drink Water… And lots of it! Another fatal flaw people make when doing a colon cleanse is not drinking enough pure filtered water every day. It’s 8 glasses Minimum, Ideally 10-12. This must also be filtered. Bottled water is not good enough as the standards have not been established and many times it has been shown to be no better than tap water.

As well for each cup of coffee you drink you must drink an additional 2 cups of water just to negate that cup of coffee. The same goes for pop, juice and milk, except it is 1 cup of water. So imagine if you drink 2 cups of coffee per day and 2 glasses of milk that would work out to 16-18 glasses of water you need to drink! Is it any surprise so many people are dehydrated and can’t understand why.

Finally for the greatest success you should also do a Candida cleanse alongside your Colon cleanse. Its ideal as Candida can be cleansed hand in hand with the colon and the majority of a Candida infection resides in your colon as well. What is Candida? It’s the yeast responsible for yeast infections and also occurs in 80% of the population. Its list of symptoms ranges from IBS, Arthritis, Asthma, Allergies and popularly weight gain. In fact when people cleanse out Candida they can drop 10-25% of their body weight in many cases!

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