Non Surgical Eye Bag Removal Without The Cost Of Cosmetic Surgery

People will develop dark bags under the eyes for many different reasons and this can really affect your appearance. When people talk to you they will look in your eyes and having dark eye bags gives off all of the wrong impression and makes you look weary and unhealthy. Here are some tips on non surgical eye bag removal to remove the problem without any surgery.

Tips to Remove Eye Bags

First of all, your sleeping habit is very important in many ways and one of these is in making your look bright and fresh each and every day. If you are consistently not getting enough sleep then you will naturally start to develop dark circles under your eyes. To get rid of them permanently, simply make sure that you develop a good sleeping pattern that you are able to stick to.

You should also focus your attention on your diet. This is going to be very important as well in making sure that you do not develop eye bags too much. These bags are often caused by the lack of vitamins and therefore you should look to get a multivitamin along with lots of fruit and vegetables into your diet.

You also need to focus on your lifestyle in other ways. If you drink too much or smoke too much then this is going to have a negative effect on your health and therefore your appearance in a number of different ways. Ensure that you cut down on any of these harmful habits in order to remove eye bags.

It is also crucial that you get less sodium into your diet as this causes water retention which can lead to the problem. You need to ensure that you are avoiding foods that are high in sodium and not getting too much salt into your foods.

If you follow these tips your under eye bags should disappear in time.

Non Surgical Eye Bag Removal

On the other hand, you do have the option to use a non-surgical eye bag removal treatment. You must find an eye bags removal cream or serum that contains Eyeliss and Haloxyl. Why?

Eyeliss targets the major cause of eye bags or under eye puffiness, which is essentially the build-up of fluid beneath the skin. It is able to decrease blood capillary permeability, improves the lymphatic circulation under the eyes, as well as the firmness and elasticity of the eye skin area. It has been found that Eyeliss reduces dark circles under the eyes in about 4 to 8 weeks of continuous use.

What about Haloxyl? Clinical studies also found that Haloxyl is effective at reducing bags and dark circles under the eyes by more than 60%. A research trial was conducted wherein 22 female volunteers were required to apply a gel containing 2% Haloxyl to their skin under the eyes, and another group were only given a placebo. The 56-day trial resulted to more than 60% reduction in dark under eyes circles of the volunteers that were given the eye gel with Haloxyl.

Haloxyl helps to thicken the skin under the eyes, boost blood circulation and remove accumulated haemoglobin, effectively producing a lighter effect on the under eye skin.

The Haloxyl-containing eye gel that was tested in the study is produced by a company in New Zealand. It also has an available version for men, specifically formulated for men’s skin type. It is good to know that not only women, but men as well, can take the benefits of non surgical eye bag removal, so why not take advantage of it. You don’t need the high cost of surgery to remove eye bags.