Sensitive Skin Care Guide – How Can You Look Healthier?

Sensitive skin care interests most of us because sensitive skin is very common. We should also be interested in finding  the best sensitive skin products.

The soft tissue of our skin can become easily damaged, and we cannot reproduce cells very efficiently.  Sensitive skin care is an absolute must if we are going to keep our skin healthy and undamaged.  What we need to do is find a line of merchandise that is void of harsh abrasives, and damaging synthetic chemicals.

The best sensitive skin products do not contain these harmful ingredients.  Instead they contain such things as plant and vegetable oils.  These oils should be put through a preservative process known as “cold pressing “in order to prevent them from spoiling.

Many cosmetics producers use refined oils in their sensitive skin care creams and lotions, but refining them actually strips the oil of their nutrients.  Some manufacturers do provide you with natural oils, but they quickly turn rancid as no cold pressing is used in the process.  A reputable company should always include a use-by date on any of their cosmetics.

Why are Plant Based Waxes Best for Sensitive Skin?

The best sensitive skin products will only include naturally occurring plant based waxes.  The use of plant based oils and waxes will not leave your skin feeling greasy, and it won’t clog your pores the way more commonly used petrolatum, mineral oils, and paraffin wax will.

Why is Anti-Oxidant Ingredients Vital for Sensitive Skin?

The only vitamin that you ever find in sensitive skin care creams is vitamin E.  Not to say that vitamin E is a bad choice for a product of this kind, and it does have excellent antioxidant properties.  I’m just saying that there are many other powerful antioxidants that could also be beneficial if included, coenzyme Q10 for example, has proven to be very effective at removing damaging free radicals from the skin.

Why Sunscreen Products May Not Be Good for Any Type Skin

A sunscreen of some sort was once thought of as a good idea when used in sensitive skin products.  The jury is still out on this one.  Recent research has indicated that while sunscreen has been very effective at decreasing the rate of basal cell cancers, it actually increases the risk of developing melanoma, which has a higher mortality rate by far.

Do Sunscreens Block Vitamin D From the Sun?

Sunscreens in sensitive skin care creams also rob our body of its ability to effectively produce vitamin D.  We cannot produce vitamin D without the sun.  A study found that 60% of Americans are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency, which could eventually cause osteoporosis and a myriad of other chronic ailments.

What is the Alternative to Sunscreen?

There are organic compounds that can be found in certain sensitive skin products that will naturally protect our skin from being damaged by the sun.  An emulsion found in one particular product line called Nano-lipobelle HEQ10, is a powerful combination of Natural vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.  These two powerful antioxidants when joined together as one have been shown to offer significant protection from harmful UV rays.

Best Sensitive Skin Products Are Where?

The best sensitive skin products, will provide innovative combinations of natural ingredients like those in order to provide us with the healthiest skin possible.  Using this information will guide you to the best skin care products available.  Hopefully, you will find the same line I found.