Sensitive Skin Care – What Products Should You Use If You Have Sensitive Skin

No matter what type of skin you have, your skin will look even better if you use sensitive skin care products. The advantages of sensitive skin products include protection from the sun’s UV rays, slowing down the aging of your skin and making wrinkles less noticeable and keeping your skin moisturized and looking its best.

Unfortunately, it is not always that easy to find good cleansers and moisturizers that are meant for people with sensitive skin. A lot of the so-called sensitive skin care products actually have ingredients that irritate your skin and can cause an allergic reaction. They may be less bad for your skin than traditional skin care products but that doesn’t mean they are good.

The good quality sensitive skin products are not going to be found at department stores that sell products from the big cosmetic companies. The so-called health and beauty aids they sell are not good for your health or beauty. You should look for a natural sensitive skin care product that has no artificial preservatives, no synthetic fragrances, no toxic ingredients and no ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction. Products like this are not easy to find, though.

A product sold specifically for people with sensitive skin should ideally be so safe that you could eat it. Most labels of even sensitive skin products say to call for help if you ingest them, though. This is even true of some products you use on your lips. Anything you put on your lips is going to be ingested to some extent.

You can find great information from the Environmental Working Group about what sensitive skin products really are safe for you to use. This group rates cosmetics based on how natural and organic their ingredient are or are not. Products with a high rating have more toxic ingredients. For instance, the site has information on Dove’s sensitive skin care cleansers at this website and it turns out it got a rating of a 6, which means it is somewhat dangerous.

The ingredients include petroleum and mineral oil, which are byproducts of the conversion between petroleum and gasoline. These are ingredients known to cause problems for many people. Not only are these ingredient potentially toxic, they are not actually going to increase your skin’s moisture levels. Your skin does not absorb these ingredients so they sit on the top of the skin leaving a greasy film. These ingredients have to be countered with fragrance ingredients or they would be too smelly for you to use.

Another potentially dangerous ingredient in many skin care products are parabens, which cause allergic reactions in many people. Dove cleansers, for example, have methyl-paraben as an ingredient. They also contain titanium dioxide, which is meant to protect your skin from the sun. Why would your cleanser need to have a sunscreen in it? That makes no sense.

The best products are those with natural plant extracts instead of synthetic chemicals as the main ingredients. Things like manuka honey are also something to look for because it is both an antibacterial and an antioxidant. It is important to get a product with antioxidants because it will help reduce the number of free radicals that you are exposed to and keep you healthy.

Another good ingredient to look for in a sensitive skin product is functional keratin. Functional keratin is known for its ability to help increase the firmness of your skin and keep your skin moisturized. It also makes wrinkles less noticeable and acts as an anti-inflammatory. The key to finding a good skin care product is knowing what ingredients to look for and which to avoid.