Sesame Oil for Low Platelets, Avoid Surgery

Thrombocytopenia is also otherwise called as low platelet count in blood. They are the blood cells that are vital for various regular functions of the body like clotting of blood. According to some clinical references, the thrombocytopenia or the low blood platelets means a person will not be having sufficient blood cells and is generally an indication of infection or the medical disarray like auto immune anarchy. It also indicates that the signs of low blood platelets comprise of serious menstrual periods, simple bruising and also bleeding lengthily from the cuts. It is potential to increase the blood platelets just by diet and also consuming the correct kind of foods.

The sesame oil has various advantages and is a good optional medicine. It is also considered as quite effective for controlling the level of blood pressure and is also used for the hair and the skin care.

The widespread use of the sesame oil is for cooking. For deep frying, light sesame oil is used and for stir frying, dark sesame oil that is made from the roasted sesame seeds. The same is also used for preparation of pickles. For preparation of margarine, refined sesame oil is used. The nutritional value and the health advantages of the sesame oil are given below.

Sesame oil consists of various nutrients that promote the health of the body. The very important nutrients of the sesame oil are polyunsaturated fats and vitamin E. The daily nutritional value of the nutrient for Vitamin E is 4% and for vitamin K, it is 22%. Total fat is 153% and saturated fat is 71%.

There are numerous uses and advantages of sesame oil. It is mainly used for cooking and also the same is used for hair and skin care. It is also used in various ayurvedic medicines to treat lot of ailments.

Skin absorbs the sesame oil very easily and thus the same is also used for massaging the body. It is an anti-oxidant and assists in neutralizing the oxygen radicals underneath the tissue of the skin. Sesame oil meant for the skin is also used for soothing the sun burns. It is thus anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. It is also used for treating the fungal disease like the foot of the athletes. With warm water, the same will be used as a douche for treating the vaginal infections of the yeast.

Sesame oil is used for massaging the scalp like the other oils used for the hair. The color of the hair will get darkened with the regular use of the sesame oil. The body heat and the hair fall will also get reduced by continuous use of this oil. This is also used for treating the dry dandruff and also for assassinating the dandruff creating bacteria.

The Natural Remedies for Low Platelets
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