The company began its line of high-quality tanning solutions in 1987 with one product. Today, the company offers nearly 50 products, constantly reacting to its survey contact with the tanning consumer public.

It’s just that response to consumers’ needs that keeps Supre tanning lotion products in such high demand.

Several times per year, company personnel conduct extensive national surveys at several hundred salons. Here on the “front lines” information is collected helping Supre understand the desires and needs of the tanning consumer public. This survey taking has led the company to identify three areas that produce and overall acceptance from consumers – product ingredients, fragrance and packaging.

Visual appeal is a mitigating factor attracting consumers to product use so the company does spend a good deal of time producing unique packaging. An appealing fragrance goes a long way toward sales appeal.

The third part of the Supre Tanning Lotion recipe success are supplying lotion ingredients that are skin-friendly when it comes to color as well as aiding toward healthy appearance.

The company points toward some great success including its bronzer product, Hempz Hydroponic Bronzer. The company also touts a popular after-tanning moisturizer, Hempz Moisturizer that employs hemp seed extract as a natural hydrator, along with botanical extracts that provide a cooling soothe plus Vitamins E and C that aid toward reducing lines and wrinkles.

Also, Supre promotes its tanning lotion, Smoke, as a cutting edge product employing Oxygen regeneration technology that promotes greater microcirculation. The company claims this allows the user’s skin to absorb greater amounts of oxygen that enhances the ability to produce greater skin darkening. It is unique, Supre claims, because it is the first product containing thiotaine, an element that allows the skin to absorb more oxygen.

Other successful Supre products include its Café Bronzer which is a two-for-one formula blending dark tan producing elements with self-tanning bronzers. Utilizing Supre’s exclusive Skin Stimulation System, this product produces a high rate of microcirculation promoting maximum tanning results.

Supre’s Cocoa Beach Dark Tan Accelerators remain a popular choice. This accelerator uses a fruity blend of coconut and kiwi extracts that produces excellent tanning results for consumers of all skin types.