Swedish Beauty Tanning Lotions

Users claim this line to be the most effective maintaining an even tan, Additionally, many women really enjoy the lasting even tan made possible through use of this product that reduces, if not eliminates, any need for applying a foundation. Maintaining a year round tan using Swedish Beauty tan can provide an outdoorsy, trim and fit look that makes you the envy of all your friends and associates. So, even if the weather outside is that dreary, grey that winter months bring, wearing the glow of a Swedish Beauty tan can give you an uplift to your daily outlook and confidence.

The main purpose for the Swedish Beauty tanning lotion is to bronze the skin but their complete line of products contain elements that help battle a number of different conditions. Besides helping moisturize the skin, products also fight off aging signs, helping to shape the skin, extending skin color life. These products also come in a variety of floral, fruity and herbal fragrances that eliminate the usual unpleasant smells from self-tanning lotions.

Particularly noteworthy is the Swedish Beauty Tanning Lotion Tingle collection that helps consumers gain a deep, dark rich tan. This line of tingle lotions also produces multiple skin treatments that not only tan skin but offer skin forming and slimming benefits as well. Additionally, consumers claim this line of Swedish Beauty Tanning Lotions helps as an anti-aging ointment.

This line of Swedish Beauty Tanning Tingle products includes:

Pink Diamond is a gentle tanning lotion that produces a green citrus-like fragrance with skin firming and trimming ingredients.

Black Diamond provides the ultimate in hydrated tanning, using sesame oil and Hemp seed extract.

Intoxicating is a rich-cream lotion that conditions skin with peach leaf extract and sea silk.

Bonfire employs firming ingredients that help smooth skin while reducing wrinkles.

Unforgiven is a unique lotion containing hemp seed extract for hydration, emitting fragrant smells of green melon, vanilla musk and berries.  This product claims to extend tan duration due to its melanin booster.

Sinful is a lotion rich with Vitamin C and nutrients producing the darkest tan possible.

Finally, Hot Amaretto is a soothing tanner with Purisoft Peptide, a native healer protecting skin from free radicals.