The Best Men’s Lip Balm

Men’s Lip balms help to defend the lips from environmental damages and harsh weather conditions. A good Lip balm will lock in essential moisture and provide a thick layer of protection for cracked or chapped lips. If possible always wear a lip balm with a SPF for protection against the harmful effects of the sun. If available find a Lip Balm with a SPF of 30. Any men’s lip balm above 30 SPF may have to sacrifice ingredients used in the protection and nutritional values that are added to the lip balm.

There are many added values lip balms can incorporate into the formula besides protection from the weather and harmful sun rays. Some good lip balms will incorporate added benefits like anti oxidants, Vitamin E, Green Tea, and Cannabis Sativa Hemp seed oil for restoration, elasticity and regenerating benefits.

With the emerging Men’s skin care market, there are now several good Men’s Lip Balms available, but the only one I found and liked that encompasses all of these recommendations is Fean and Company’s – Men’s lip balm SPF 30. Fean & Co. is a high-end men’s skin care producer that focuses on Men’s anti-aging products. Another good men’s lip balm is Anthony Logistics Lip Balm with SPF 15. These are both very good high-end lip balms, but I’ve found Fean and Co.’s men’s lip balm to be superior due to its higher SPF and added benefits of anti oxidants and vitamins. Regardless of the lip balm you decide on, any is better than none when it comes to protecting the most sensitive and used skin on your face.

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