Thinning Hair? Use CBD and Essential Oils

Therapeutic grade essential oils hold the promise for a great many people of stimulating the growth of bountiful healthy hair. Whether one is regrowing hair after hair loss, preventing the loss of hair, or just looking to make their hair more beautiful and lustrous than ever, essential oils and the carrier oils that comprise therapeutic aromatherapy formulas are very much worth investigating. We’ll first look at how and why you “build” your recipe, and conclude with a couple excellent formulations.

What Goes Into A Hair Growth Stimulating Formula?

Essential oils have a long history of skin and hair care — and it is the same essential oils that are used for both “mature skin” care, and skin healing, that are used to stimulate hair growth. You can see the link between these conditions: in each, there’s a requirement for new skin cells to be developed (which can translate to stimulating the follicles into action), providing nutrients that support this process, and oils that just generally keep the skin happy and healthy. The most effective method of using these oils is to use an oil treatment formula — rather than just adding to your current cleansing and conditioning program.

Revving Up Those Follicles

We’ll begin by looking at the “stimulating” essential oils. These essential oils are used in skin and hair care to stimulate cellular metabolism (increasing the oxygen and nutrients used by the cell) or stimulate the growth of new cells. The most popular of these are Rosemary and Sage. Sage MAY be the more powerful of the two oils, but it should not be used by children, or by women who are pregnant — or may becoming so. Rosemary is the most popular, and if you do choose Rosemary, be sure you find the type that’s specific to skin and hair care: it’s called “Rosemary Verbenone” — and while a little more expensive than the common Rosemary, it’ll be far more effective for this purpose. Use either or both of these two essential oils at a concentration of no greater than 1% in your base (we’ll talk about calculating this figure at the end).

The Deep Colored Nutritive Oils: Carrot and Sea Buckthorn

Chock full of growth supporting nutrients Carrot Root, and the new kid on the block Sea Buckthorn Berry essential oils are amazing at supporting follicle health. They each have a diverse collection of antioxidants and growth enhancing vitamins and vitamin-like compounds (the only difference between a vitamin and a vitamin-like compound is a scientific designation — early on, the “vitamins” are the ones you would die without having — though you wouldn’t do so well without having the other either!). You almost can’t have too much of these oils — use at a 2% concentration.

A Few Oils for Maximum Overall Health

Many folks have certain skin conditions which can exacerbate hair loss. Sometimes it’s inflammation or irritation due to a mild infection. Sometimes it’s an over-production of skin oils that can clog pores and result in thinning hair. Older women may be in need of balancing estrogen on a cellular level. So choose one or more of these “balancing” oils to round out your formula: Lavender is the best all-around balancing oil where no particular skin condition is apparent. Sometimes called “medicine chest in a bottle”, it can really bring an overall synergy to your recipe. For over-oily skin types, Myrtle is an excellent choice. Often used in acne formulas, it is thought to return the scalp’s oil production back to normal. Finally, Clary Sage is THE choice for mature women with thinning hair, as it may reduce the effects of changes in estrogen levels that have affected hair growth.

Delivering the Oils to Your Scalp: The Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are also called “fixed” oils, as unlike the essential oils, they do not readily evaporate. These are seed or nut oils with their own therapeutic value that “carry” the essential oils to your scalp and follicles. Using the essential oils themselves would be FAR to strong, and would greatly irritate the scalp, and have the opposite of the desired effect on your hair! Choose one or more of these for your foundation: Jojoba, Coconut, Rosehip Seed, or Evening Primrose. Jojoba is highly regarded for moisturizing and bringing a wonderful luster. Coconut delivers very important nutrients to the scalp, and is called for all by itself by some natural health practitioners to combat hair loss. Rosehip seed has well-known regenerative properties for the skin, and should have these same effects for the hair follicles: returning them to a more youthful state. Finally, Evening Primrose is full of essential fats, known to combat inflammation, a potential cause of hair loss for many. All these can be mixed and matched as you see fit.

Putting it All Together: Making Your Formula

Sometimes people are a little intimidated by mixing their own essential oil formula, but it’s really much easier than even baking cookies. Let’s describe how to make 1 ounce of hair stimulating blend, and then you can easily multiply the values to make larger amounts. This is best done in a 1 ounce empty dropper bottle, but again, you can start with a larger one if you like. To make the base, fill the bottle most of the way with your carriers. If you’re using using more than one carrier, estimating equal parts of each is fine. Make sure you leave a little room at the top for the essential oils! So, for each 1% of an essential oil, just add 8 drops of that oil to your bottle. Using 1% Rosemary? Add 8 drops. 2% Lavender, 16 drops. 1/2% Sage? 4 drops. To Make 2 ounces of final blend, just double these numbers — to make 4 ounces, multiply them by 4, and so on.

Practical, Effective Recipes for Men and Women

Each recipe will make four (4) ounces total formula, which should last 2-4 months with regular use. For women, use equal parts of all four carriers — that’s 1 ounce each Coconut, Rosehip, Evening Primrose and Jojoba (of course you’re free to modify this !). Add the following essential oils: 16 drops Sage, 16 drops Rosemary, 64 drops Sea Buckthorn, 32 drops Lavender and 16 drops Clary Sage. This will be an absolutely amazing formula. For men, use 2 ounces each Coconut and Rosehip Seed (if you are prone to acne, use Hemp instead of Rosehip). Add the following essential oils: 32 drops Rosemary, 16 drops Sage, 64 drops Carrot Root, 32 drops Lavender. Again, a truly excellent formula!

Gently invert or “spin” the mixture until you feel it’s blended. The best absorption occurs right after the scalp has been immersed in warm water and lightly dried. One dropper-full distributed evenly over the scalp is often enough for complete coverage. Massage in, and leave as long as you like. Overnight is great, just make sure to cover your pillows! And there you have it, your very own, custom, high-end botanical extract formula for stimulating the growth of bountiful, healthy hair.