Searing pain- like a red-hot bayonet through butter. Daybreaks cutting through your psyche like shards of glass, every interference like fingernails on a chalkboard … joined by a symphony of jackhammers behind it. All while your pate feels like it might explode…or even implode, both of which definitely sounds like a wonderful reprieve at this point.

Does this sound well known to you? Have you had the bad luck of suffering such a cruel headache? Or perhaps you know someone who suffers from migraines?

While research is still in its early stages, and some of it relates to THC, the potential for CBD as a treatment is showing a lot of promise. The next time you feel a migraine coming on, consider one of Hemp Genix’s CBD’s concentrate Water Soluble Quick Intake Oil or Hemp Genix’s CBD Oil Tincture Drops, at 750mg Natural Oragen CBD Oil for a quick and instant CBD intake.

At the end of this journal upright I have scheduled a number of good invokes on discussing migraines with cannabis.


Migraines are not simply headaches. They are vascular episodes causing severe headaches, visual changes, nausea as well as secondary anxiety and cervical muscle spasm.

While I was practising General Internal Medicine, it was critical to always is true in recognise migraine vs atypical migraine as the care was so different. With cannabis medication, at the least in my experience, the therapy is the same.

Every Migraine patient I have read has always stood with anxiety and tighten cervical muscle problems. So, whether it is a true migraine, assemble or other non-vascular headache, my recommendation is almost always modest quantities of a high rate CBD: THC capsule. In other words, a negligible dosage of whole bush CBD mg once daily in the AM. I have seen this nearly always works.

It is much easier to frustrated the headaches than treat them. When discussing you do generally need to add THC.

Triggered by a multitude of different factors, migraines impact not just the sufferer but their families too. Parenting, for example, is nearly impossible when suffering through a migraine. With the physical debilitations, let alone the additional mental stress, of a migraine, even the smallest daily tasks can become the largest mountain.

Whether it’s doing the laundry or, somehow someway, getting through the clash and clang of pots and pans to cook dinner, all you want to do is shove your head in the sand (or under a mound of blankets) and close the rest of the world out.

I’ve, thankfully, only had two in my life – and I have no idea what the triggers were – but, for many, this is an all too regular occurrence. For me, personally, noise makes no difference – you could be blaring some hardcore Norwegian death metal and I wouldn’t care less. Light, on the other hand, especially fluorescent light, is like endless showers of those shards mentioned above.



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