Use Of Skin Care Brush Techniques

Author By: BeautyAngle

Skin care brush, many different types, uses different make-up artist now recommend the use of a variety of brushes and techniques.

1.The remaining powder makeup brush

The remaining powder makeup brush make-up at the last general aspect is used to remove more than powder and all sorts of things, can also draw eyeshadow under the eye position when the block to prevent the powder eye shadow falling on the facial affect the look.

2.Foundation brush

With foundation brush on liquid foundation, Foundation will have more texture and pores can be well hidden, but Concealer effect was not so good, at this time could be foundation brush and powder puff used in combination, at more flaw with the cheek puff on a good liquid foundation to cover flaw. Do not want to leave traces, brushing when the skin texture and fine hair on the body down the growth side, the final bend and then brush into 15-degree angle brushing it will not leave traces.

3. Eye Liner Brush

When the draw put eyeliner on the eyes in the mirror below the horizon, the eyes look to the bottom then draw eyeliner. Eyelashes eyeliner because the shelter is not easy to a shape, then rub on to the feeling at the roots of eyelashes eyeliner a little bit.

4. Beveled brush repair capacity

Xiu-Rong general before his eyes, through the nose into two nasal side, and then nose at the site several times to repeat brushing. In the modified flat nose, the nose should not blindly at both draw the shadow of the side, not only will not achieve the effect of nose improve, but also look unnatural. Repair capacity must be based on a round face, wide nose and small face, make bright T-site in order to increase a sense of three-dimensional facial. Proboscidean think too long on the Nose at the shadow of the side draw to shorten the nose and visual effects. If the former corner repair capacity brushing powder, make a more profound eyes.

5.Makeup brush

Makeup are modified in order to face defects. Round face from the chin to the medial extension of the beginning of brush, brush the way can be circled, parcel brushing cheek sense of repetition in order to achieve the effect of a slender face.

6. Blusher Brush

Blush Blush and side before have two kinds of methods Blush. Blush is the former site of smile muscles draw Blush, Blush side is the side brush from cheekbone to cheekbone both central, so as to enhance the side profile, and create a sense of elegance, so more suitable for sophisticated women. Make-up can be used in early hand out light-colored Large Blusher Brush, and then repair the site out too thick, but the amendment must be in good force control, do not undermine the Foundation.

7.Brush Cover Up

Since thick liquid concealer over foundation, it is easy to draw a depth varying Foundation, so before use must reconcile the concentration of liquid foundation. The wide brush Concealer brush suitable eye and cheek, brushing should be along the skin texture. To cover partial punctate stripe, to use the small brush Concealer brush, concealer repeatedly put a dot in the site until they have covered. Concealer must spend a small amount of time pads, repeatedly brushing method.

8.Dry brush

Do Foundation will aggravate the face dry, so thin and you can brush on a layer, then cover your cheeks with both hands so that a solid foundation do fit perfectly in the skin. Can also be used to do stucco repair capacity brushing powder, can deepen the sense of three-dimensional facial.