What is the Best Collagen Skin Care for Treating Lines and Wrinkles?

Let’s face it. You have so many choices when it comes to treating the signs of aging it can be difficult to know which is best. One of the latest trends in treating lines and wrinkles is collagen skin care.  But you have to be careful when making a choice since not all collagen treatments are created equally.  You will find that they vary widely in cost, convenience, and effectiveness.  So its important to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Let’s start with what works.

Many people look to the expertise of a dermatologist when it comes to administering collagen treatments.  The most common treatment used by these professionals is injectable collagen.  These injections, while painful and expensive, usually create dramatic improvement in wrinkles and lines on the face.  The shots are also used to give a plumper look to thin lips.

The biggest drawback to this type of collagen skin care is that it is temporary.  The procedure must be repeated every few months in order to maintain the effect.  If you don’t mind the expense, pain and recovery time, then this is one way to achieve the younger appearance you want.

Now let’s take a look at what doesn’t work.

If you’ve been looking into anti-aging skincare  you probably know that there is no shortage of products that are promoted for their collagen content.  Cosmetic companies are capitalizing on the attention that this powerful protein has received from the medical community.

These companies have created a cosmetic version of this protein and then hyped its effectiveness to people who are hungry for a solution to their unsightly signs of aging.  The problem is it doesn’t work.  Hemp Genix Collagen Retinol IP6 Works Period.

I don’t want to get too technical here, but it boils down to the size of the molecules that make up this artificial substance.  They are too large to be absorbed and utilized by the skin.

So does this mean that you should forget trying to find products that are sold as collagen treatments.  Well, the answer is “yes” and “no.”  Let me explain.

Instead of products that contain collagen, you want to find creams that can stimulate your body’s own natural collagen production.  High concentrations of natural, bio-active ingredients, that have been clinically tested for effectiveness are the things to look for when choosing a product that will stimulate your body to naturally produce this substance. This is the most powerful way to smooth lines and wrinkles, firm up sagging skin and naturally fade age spots.

For example, a clinically tested and proven to stimulate natural collagen production is canlled Hemp Genix Collagen Retinol IP6 and works because it contains functional Keratin™.  Keratin, a protein produced in the body, plays a major role in maintaining the healthy structure, strength and elasticity of the skin.

Hemp Genix Collagen Retinol IP6 has also been shown to assist in the creation of new skin cells.

This is just one of many promising ingredients that are being extracted from nature and used to develop highly effective alternatives to the collagen skin care that so many people are seeking.

So I hope you will use what you’ve learned here to make an informed choice about collagen treatments that are right for you.  Visit Hemp Genix for more detailed information about other exciting breakthroughs in the anti aging skin care industry.